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In lieu of regular meal delivery the week of Thanksgiving we are offering a special delivery for your holiday meal.

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon
Candied Pecans
Mashed Potatoes
Tarragon Gravy
Sage Wild Rice & Multigrain Dressing
Cider Braised Purple Cabbage
Sautee of Shaved Kale with Lemon Zest
Chili & Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Golden Beet & Turnip Puff
Cranberry Relish

Everything you need for a fabulous Thanksgiving feast but the turkey. Stick one in your oven in the morning so when your guests arrive and you pull it out, along with all the fixings by Tim the Girl, they will assume you’ve been working for days!

$300 for complete menu. Each dish feeds 6-8.

Delivery Wednesday, November 27th. Each side will be in a foil dish for easy reheating.

We will take the first 10 orders, so order soon.

Thank you!

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