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Concept Design, Brand Identity, Marketing, Menu Planning, Restaurant & Kitchen Design

When a local company, MBS LIFE, approached us saying they wanted to branch out into the food/lifestyles market we thought a modern day, urban grocery would be a perfect addition to their existing family of hip, small businesses. We sourced some of the best talent San Antonio has to offer to help us take our vision from concept through to construction build out.  The result is a charming, one-stop-shopping store that perfectly aligns with MBS’s aesthetic and philosophy. It maintains a small footprint but offers almost everything the modern consumer would need, including freshly prepared foods (by us!), artisanal items, local produce, sundries and beer, wine and more.


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Concept Design | Menu Development

Rosella Coffee required a small, simple menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner options. It had to be quick and easy to make, take up limited prep and storage space, and it needed to pare well with their various beverages.

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“Our menu concept was simply that, a concept, until we connected with Tim McDiarmid.  Tim’s passion for concept design as well as creating a solid flow of similar ingredients throughout the meal options come through perfectly to meet our goal of not only providing amazing coffee, beer and wine but food that pairs well with it.  We look forward to a long relationship that will grow along with our menu.”

Charles Gonzalez