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We source the best local, organic and seasonal ingredients available and create a tasty weekly menu. There are four dinners and snacks per box and two box sizes to choose from. We can accommodate dietary restrictions and you may start and stop at any time.

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Receive your box the following Monday between 4-5:30pm. Enjoy!

*Currently we only deliver within the 410 Loop. If you are outside we can arrange for you to pick up your box.


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Tim the Girl Catering

As a true Texan my foods have consisted of BBQ and Tex Mex for as long as I can remember. That, mixed with burgers, Mac and cheese and sandwiches with a salad now and then has been my diet. My late years in college led me to better dining experiences and truly enjoying the tastes of fine dining. As I've grown older I've felt I wanted to eat lighter and make healthier choices but I'm not a cook so I've been at the mercy of those who are. When I found Tim, it was amazing! The food combinations were some I had never heard of, much less tasted.  They are all delicious and the perfect option for my husband and I. Our busy life dictates food on the run, literally most days, and with Tim the Girl meals in the fridge I know we are eating healthily and enjoying the benefits of delicious food! Thank you, Tim, for showing me the light 😉