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We invite you to our first ever “Soup Night”
Saturday, December 21, 7pm -11pm.

Guest Music : Monecia Especial
Guest Artists : buy carisoprodol online uk, Bygoe Zubiate and carisoprodol 500mg onlineIt’s a family affair!
Food : cheapest carisoprodol online
Mixologycarisoprodol sale online of online carisoprodol prescription
Furniturecarisoprodol online overnight
Locationbuy carisoprodol overnight, 231 East Houston St.
Photography : buying carisoprodol online
Graphic Design : buying carisoprodol

All proceeds will be donated to the San Antonio Food Bank for the many more mouths they have to feed for the holidays.

It’s a casual night of cocktails, soup, bread, wine, dessert and all those other SPS treats.

$35 all inclusive.

Buy soma tablets, Carisoprodol 350 mg pictures

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