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Voted Best Caterer by San Antonio Magazine’s “Best of City 2017“, we bring our devotion to fresh, seasonal and local ingredients and work closely with you to design a menu that perfectly reflects your vision and the personality of your event. To get started, please fill out our form below:

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Unlike other catering companies, we create one-of-a-kind menus for each event. We look at everything – our clients vision, the location, type, time and style of event – and combine that with the best product the city and season has to offer to create a distinctive, exciting custom menu. Because of this, we do not have set menus or pricing. Working with us is highly personalized, collaborative and fun, and will yield a menu that is totally your own.

To receive a proposal for your event, please fill out our catering inquiry form. Providing us with as much detail as possible will help get you an accurate quote. If any guidance is needed, our event team would love to assist you in menu planning and price our different options for you. All pricing is based on guest count and event details. Quotes will include a menu, price per person, staffing, rentals (if needed), service charge, and tax.

Sample Menus

Below, please find some great sample menu selections to help inspire you. We encourage you to work directly with our team to help design a custom menu for your event.

For large events and galas, a simple buffet menu starts at $15 per person.

Corporate Cocktail

Latin Extravaganza

Autumn / Fall

Holiday Party