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So you lovely people,

Are you feeling left out that you are not on some fabulous summer vacation? Have to stay home and work? Can’t afford to get on a plane? Well, we recently did a 24 hours in Austin tour as a wrap up trip for Tim the Girl cast and crew for the last season and it was like going on a serious vacation. We will give you the highlights briefly and encourage you to follow in our foot steps (and forks).

First stop, buy carisoprodol online uk to bathe in the glory of our favorite roll in the WORLD, no joke. Stop and order the Crab, Glass Noodle and Tarragon Spring Roll and prepare your mouth for serious treat. We had this and the rocking good punch called “Shady Blonde”. A perfect concoction of sparkling wine, lillet, grapefruit and thyme. The herbaceous, refreshing wonder of this punch is like a vacation unto itself. Another crew favorite was the Crispy Red Snapper Bun (for those unfamiliar with this dish it is a bowl, not an actual bun).

After lunch we made a quick stop at carisoprodol 500mg online, a beautiful store that shares space with the equally beautiful store, cheapest carisoprodol online. These two shops shacked up together sometime last year and the relationship is one for the romance novels, except not cheesy. The curation of each of these stores is utter perfection. Michelle Teague of JM Drygoods travels to Oaxaca and gathers the most lovely handmade clothes and accessories, Spartan, on the other hand, has American made pieces that are too numerous to list. Just go check it out.

Moving on the check in to the oh-so-sweet carisoprodol sale online just east of downtown we were amazed at the perfection of this hotel. This 7 room hotel is more like staying at your best friends house, in all the good ways. Each room is decorated with personal style. We like the simple modern untouched look that most boutique hotels go for these days but it is getting old. These rooms look like someone (a very cool someone) lives in each one. Built from an old craftsman house and the attention to detail is impecable. Lots of outdoor hang out space made for a perfect afternoon snack with all the loot we picked up at online carisoprodol prescription on South Congress. Stay here, you will thank us.

A quick break and we were off to a private party at the coolest garden store this side of California, carisoprodol online overnight, where our friend Michelle Teague of JM Drygoods has recently opened up a little West Texas inspired garden shop in the back of the nursery called buy carisoprodol overnight. It is a real treat and re-treat from the busy city world. A step back in time if you may.

After some lovely cocktails by the crew of Deep Eddy Vodka we were off to buying carisoprodol online, Rene Ortiz’s (A San Antonio native) relatively new Thai restaurant. We didn’t just eat, we feasted. Even the gluten free amongst us were happy. Truly glorious gluttony. Some of the crews favorites were the shumai, the salt and pepper blue prawns, crab fried rice and the jungle curry (the dish that won Rene the first cook off of this years Austin Food and Wine Festival). Since we dined with Laura Sawicki, (our old Brooklyn friend and Rene’s pastry chef) we had one of each dessert, all of which are delicious, surprising and visually stunning.

All of us rested, oh so happily, at the Heywood Hotel. The next day, we could only fit one meal in before we had to head back so we choose Larry Mcguire’s new (ish) oyster bar, buying carisoprodol. The roasted corn and crab bisque is absolute perfection, as are the cheese grits. We will have to go again to cover the extensive menu. Well worth going.

So that’s a wrap, 24 hours and 5 pounds later we headed back to our good ole home base, San Antonio.

We will have more stories coming soon. Italy, Spain, Morocco here we go.

Buy carisoprodol online uk - How long does carisoprodol 350 mg last

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